12 Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love to Cook (Or Bake!)

12 Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love to Cook (Or Bake!)

Does your mom love saving amazing casserole recipes on Pinterest?®Trying new ways to sneak zucchini or avocado into brownies, or making her famous blueberry muffins on a Saturday morning? Here’s a gift guide for her!

Strawberry Shortcake

1. Stone Rectangular Baker

Give mom an elegant, modern dish that will look great in the kitchen or on the dining table. Our fully glazed stoneware is heat-safe to 500°F (260°C), making it the perfect dish for weeknight dinner mac and cheese or lasagna for busy moms.

stone rectangular baker

2. Egg cooker

Help mom get a quick, healthy boost of protein at breakfast or anytime. Within minutes, she can make a basic omelet or add extras like vegetables, cheese or bacon. This egg cooker is also great for oatmeal, quick chocolate cake, or blueberry lemon muffins.

Ceramic egg cooker

3. Silicone spoon and spatula

Does your mom make a lot of lasagna? Then our spoons and serving spatulas will become her new best friends. It has a nylon core and tall sides, which allow her to scoop up everything from lasagna to pies while keeping each piece intact. It’s made of silicone and won’t scratch the bottom of her pans.

Silicone spoon and serving spatula

4. Electric milk frother

Drinking coffee in the morning is a bit of a routine—get up, feed the pets, start drinking coffee, take a shower, etc. Delicious and vibrant, but still routine. But what about afternoon coffee? It was a delicious treat. 2:00 pm is the perfect time to enjoy a cappuccino with thick foam or an iced coffee with just the right amount of coconut milk cold foam. This Mother’s Day, make your mom a delicious cup of coffee and feel free to gift her an electric milk frother for coffee dessert to brighten her day!

electric milk frother

5. Silicone baking mat

This double-sided mat eliminates the hassle of spacing cookies on baking sheets. One side is suitable for small to medium cookies and the other side is suitable for larger cookies. No more watching the cookies melt into one giant cookie (well…that’s not always a bad thing!) or struggling to pop them off the cookie sheet.


6. Cup cutting machine

This viral slicing tool will become your mom’s new best friend—trust us. She can slice soft fruits and vegetables into thin slices in seconds with this handy tool that’s perfect for preparing anything from sautéed mushrooms to strawberries for school lunches.

cup cutting machine

7. Wine opener

South Carolina Life The best way to say it is: “Mom has had a stressful day and a glass of wine might be just in time. The last thing she needs is fighting a stubborn cork. Make it easy for her with the Pampered Chef Electric Cork Opener. Just Bottles can be easily opened with one button and the bottle opener’s holder also doubles as a foil cutter.”

wine corkscrew

8. Cool in large squares and serve

The ultimate piece of entertainment, especially for busy moms. This tray comes with two reversible cooling inserts to keep dips, salads, fruits and vegetables cool for 4-6 hours. Each insert has 12 holes for deviled eggs. The clear inner tray allows mom to customize the tray for any event she has planned. Big, beautiful salads with no tray dividers – check. Vegetable platter with homemade onion jam – check. Half vegetable/half fruit tray – check. A plate of her delightful deviled eggs – check. Burger Bar Topping Tray – Check it out. The sky is the limit.

Burger toppings bar

9. Reusable storage bag set

With the reusable storage bag set, mom can take her meals and snacks with her on the go! Each bag is made from 100% silicone, making it reusable, resealable and leak-proof. They come in four different sizes, so she always has a bag ready for snacks or leftovers. She can also sous vide meats, vegetables, and more using the large bag included in the deluxe multicooker

Reusable storage bag set

10.Batter Bowl

Not only are these batter bowls useful kitchen tools for under $25, but you can dress them up as a sweet Mother’s Day gift. Fill a classic batter bowl or mini batter bowl with her favorite candies, or add toppings to her favorite dessert or pancake mix. You can even make the recipe together as a family. The handle could easily be decorated with ribbon – maybe a gift tag tied to the batter scraper!

Classic batter bowl

11. Secret Center Cake Pan

Mom will love celebrating every party and holiday with the Secret Center Cake Plate. Using standard boxed cake mix, she can create stunning cakes with surprises hidden inside. Add fillings (like powdered sugar or hazelnut spread) to the entire cake, or personalize each slice with something special like fruit or mini chocolate candies. With this pan, mom will impress every guest at the next backyard BBQ, birthday party, and baby shower she attends.

Secret Center Cake Pan

12. Mini loaf pans

From her famous Chocolate Zucchini Bread to her top-secret Banana Bread, this mini loaf pan lets mom make six small portions at once, making it faster and easier for her to distribute bake sales, brunch, or holiday gifts. Plus, the vintage blue enamel look gives the pan a stylish vibe that will make her smile every time she takes it out to bake.

mini loaf pan

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